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roving entertainment

Roving or Walk Around Magical Entertainment

One of the important factors in creating a really special event is to make sure your guests start having fun right way… minutes after they arrive. That's where Rick's “walk around entertainment” fits the bill. Rick Mearns will rove amongst your guests performing intimate magic miracles that happen right up close and in the hands of your guests.

You will be delighted when you hear the gasps of amazement and laughter. Your guests are entertained with their own personal 3 to 5 minute high-energy mini show, which consists of amazing and funny feats of magic, sleight of hand and mind reading.

Your clients and guests will be amazed when:

  • A borrowed ring vanishes, only to reappear locked inside a key chain... in an impossible location.
  • A $20 bill changes instantly into a $5 bill, then back to $20, and finally vanishes completely only to be found moments later inside a kiwi!
  • A card they randomly select from a shuffled deck, ends up in Rick's pocket... and not once does Rick even touch the deck.

Roving Entertainment may be a stand alone service or be combined with a Stage Show, to create a full evening's worth of entertainment.

“Your close-up magic was amazing. If you want to guarantee
a successful party, invite Rick!”

Lynn Woodward, Ashley Furniture

(604) 937-7258
Vancouver, BC, Canada